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BARRK supports Adopt-a-Pet's Auto-Upload feature making exporting animals from BARRK to Adopt-a-Pet a breeze.

From the main ADMIN menu, select the Adopt-a-pet button.

Admin adoptapet.jpeg

In order to integrate with your organization's Adopt-a-Pet AutoUpload account you need to find your AutoUpload FTP credentials.

1. Login to your account.

2. Click "Shelter/Rescue" in the green navigation bar and select "AutoUpload/Import Pets".

3. Scroll down to find your FTP Username and Password for AutoUpload.

Once you've tracked down your credentials click edit below.

4. After entering your FTP credentials from Adopt-a-Pet. Click "Update."


Your organization is now connected to Adopt-a-pet and you can now share your adoptable animals.

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